Sunday, 26 January 2014

story of a soccer gloves draft 1

draft 1               Story Of A Soccer Gloves
   "Hey, Patrick, u never thought of having an owner,do you?" My friends mocked as almost all of them was bought by people. Oh... did I introduce myself? Hi, my name is Patrick and I am a soccer gloves. Actually,I am a recycled soccer gloves. I was used by a wicked owner. Do you want to hear my story? Let me share with you. One fine afternoon, while the sun was blazing meticulously through earth, I was used by Jose's brother for a very important soccer match which is the finals. All of Jose's brother teammates fought mercilessly. Before half-time which is forty-five minutes, they were down by two goals. By that time, they were almost broke down to tears. After the half-time is over, Jose's brother teammates fought with all their might. After all their hard work, it's finally paid off. Out of the blue, he threw me away without even thinking twice as I am still in good condition. He did not even care and loved as apart of his family. I felt so sad and broke down to tears. Inside the garbage, there were smelly socks and shoes that were thrown by him too. So, I was not alone. Then, one thoughtful people found me and fixed me. After a few days later, I was sold back. I feel so happy of the thoughtful owner who thought of me. But the sad thing is that it is my old shop before I was sold. Then, all my friends was still there. Still haven't sold. I feel so sad for them. They were in sad faces. They were like my best friends last time but now, they were playing without me.Then,I learnt a valuable lesson to know that we must be careful of whatever we take. We should not waste money on the things we do not like or unnecessary things. 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

struggle and how to overcome it draft 1

Name: Ahmad Firdaus
Class: 1E1
Date:4 Feb 2014
draft 1

   Hello. I am going to share my struggles in Primary and secondary school to you. My struggles in Primary school is with my subject English and Mathematics. English is a tough subject for me because I have to memorize difficult words that is dished out by my English teacher. I overcome it when that very one day, my teacher told me to memorize the notes that was given to me from my teacher and I memorize it carefully for the exam to test if I am ready for PSLE. I passed the test and have good grades for English. For mathematics, there is good and bad things about it. Want to find out about it? Come, I will share with you. The good things about it is that i love the chapters of ratio, percentage and angles. the bad things is most of the chapter are not interesting and fun. There are even question that is given out by my teacher in primary school that is very difficult than i thought. I can't do it and i copied from my friend in the morning before assembly. Then, i realized that I have very bad grades for mathematics and decided to improve it. After a few weeks later, there is a exam called CA1 test me in maths Then, they announce the score for the students who take the exam. To my astonishment, i got a high B for it. I was very suprised and can't expect it. Starting from that day, I been doing well for maths. My secondary school struggles is that there is too much homework that i can't even handle. That's all I want to say. Thank you for your attention.


Hi my name is Ahmad Firdaus Bin Abdul Salam. I am from class 1E1 which is also the same as perseverance 1.My favourite colour is light blue because it is a colour that represent peace.

My favourite food is my mother's cooking. It is enjoyable while eating it.It is more enjoyable when eating with my whole family. Something interesting about me is that i like soccer very much that i even watch live streaming soccer channel in Mio Tv. I am a crazy fan of soccer. My favorite soccer team is Liverpool from Barclay's Premier League (BPL). I participated in Okto Cup at Rain forest Sports Hub. 

My best friend in primary school is Hazani and Rifqi. Now, Hazani was in Serangoon Secondary School. Rifqi is now in Bowen Secondary School. My life in primary school is very fun and i miss it so much. Getting scolded by teacher, getting caught by teacher while playing running games in canteen and much more. My expectations of secondary school is i must learn how to behave myself in school and how to take care of myself.Thank you for your kind attention. Good bye