Monday, 24 March 2014


Minimum words:200 words
How are the English lesson so far?
How can the teachers help me?

                     To me,the lesson are quite fun and enjoyable as they are some activities that are carried out. However, it can be improved by conducting more activities. But,I am happy with it. I have learnt a lot of vocabulary from the phrase book and I am weak in all the topics especially comprehension. I need to make an improvement by working harder. I did not pass my english on common test 1 and it makes me feel that I really need to make vast improvements. The way to help it is to attend the support program that is conducted by Miss Foo.I think most that I can do myself is reading the article from the newspaper and study the notes that has been given out by Miss Foo and Madam Tan. My test results is worse than my primary school results as it has nothing in comparison.

                          The teachers can help us give more support program as it helps to build my vocabulary skills.The teachers also can give more articles as there may have some vocabulary too.The teachers should have known my weakness in the topics by now.Hope my English would improve a lot than expected.

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