Wednesday, 5 February 2014

PACC assignment draft 2

Name: Ahmad Firdaus
class: 1E1
Date: 1 February 2014
draft 2

   Address: BLK 984
   Hougang ave 8 
   Singapore 560984

Dear Martin

                  How are you? How's it going?Having a great time studying at England? I hope you are fine. I'm here to tell you about Little India riot happening at Singapore. At the eighth of December before 9.23 pm, a private bus runs over a man who was thirty-three years old named Sakthivel Kumalavelu at the junction of race course road and Tekka lane. After a few minutes later, the police and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was informed of serious road accident.

                  After around seven minutes, the ambulance arrived. Then, the police arrived at the scene and block the area.  Just a minute later, the fire-fighters arrived at the scene. Within a blink of an eye, the crowd swells up to 400 people. The dead body of a worker was extricated from under the bus. The mob has started and pelting emergency officers with concrete blocks and beer bottles.

                  The police calls for Special Operations Command (SOC) to arrive. They force the crowd to disperse. After that, police take control of the scene. High visibility patrols deployed to prevent rioters from regrouping. 28 suspects was arrested. 

                 At the ninth of December, Prime minister Lee Hsien Loong orders committee of inquiry into cause of unrest. The second home affairs minister Iswaran announce temporary ban of alcohol sales in Little India.The next day, eight more suspect was arrested for alleged involvement in riot. twenty-four indian workers, aged between 22 and 40, are charged in court. The very next day, the police says three more indian workers are charged in court too.

                 I hope u fine and come back to Singapore soon, OK? Can't wait to see u here.Please send my regards to your parent. please reply to me back soon.

Yours truly
 Ahmad firdaus

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