Wednesday, 5 February 2014

story of a soccer gloves draft 4 final

draft 4                       Story Of A Soccer Gloves
   "Hey, Patrick, u never thought of having an owner,do you?" My friends mocked as almost all of them was bought by people. Oh... did I introduce myself? Hi, my name is Patrick and I am a soccer gloves. Actually,I am a recycled soccer gloves. I was used by a owner who was as wicked as a witch.Till this day, I always thought of bad thoughts like devil. Do you want to hear my story? Let me share with you.

   One fine afternoon, while the sun was blazing meticulously through earth, I was used by Jose's brother for a very important soccer match which is the finals. All of Jose's brother teammates fought mercilessly like a swarm of bees protecting their honeys. Before half-time which is forty-five minutes, they were down by two goals. By that time, they were almost broke down to tears. After the half-time is over, Jose's brother teammates fought with all their might. After all their hard work, it's finally paid off. They were overjoyed and was jumping like a happy kangaroo. 

  Out of the blue, he threw me away without even thinking twice as I am still in good condition. He did not even care and loved as apart of his family. I felt so sad and broke down to tears like a baby. Inside the garbage, there were smelly socks and shoes that were thrown by him too. So, I was not alone.

 Then, one thoughtful people found me and fixed me. After a few days later, I was sold back. I feel so happy of the thoughtful owner who thought of me. But the sad thing is that it is my old shop before I was sold. 
   Then, all my friends was still there. Still haven't been sold. I feel so sad for them. They were in sad faces. They were like my best friends last time but now, they were playing without me.

   Then,I learnt a valuable lesson to know that we must be careful of whatever we take. We should not waste money on the things we do not like or unnecessary things. 

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